The Maggie L. Walker Initiative

The United States poverty rate is 14.3%. Many non-profit organizations have risen up in order to aid to those in need such as, YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, Feedmore, and Homeward. These organizations provide specific needs, but do not lead those who are suffering in poverty to a stable way of life. People in poverty need a voice, a pathway, and a community to help build them back up.

We are Community Wealth Builders.

The Office of Community Wealth Building is a one of kind department. We focus on providing both┬áresources and pathways for those in poverty. We focus one of the most important components when working with any individual, their┬ástory. This blog is an online resource and an honest into the community and what this Department is accomplishing. Virginia’s poverty rate is 25%, we plan to decrease this yearly. Follow our journey, share your comments, lets rebuild this community together.

“Our work, in honor of one of Richmond’s great historical figures, is being done in hopes of reviving Maggie Walker’s legacy of person- centered community, economic development, and empowerment.” – Dwight C. Jones